Monday, January 01, 2007


A Much Needed Update

Wow! Basically a month without an entry. Well, I got home from college on about December 16th. I did well my first semester. I got a 3.6 and my parents are happy (except for my C+ in accounting). Vacation has been great. I have pretty much been relaxing and hanging out with a few friends. I miss the Florida weather so much. It is so much better than the fucking cold in Indiana. However, I am leaning towards transferring towards UF. My parents said it is up to me. I sent in my app, but I am not 100% I want to transfer.

Anyways, over vacation Dapper Dan G, gibler123, robbie redbi and I have been playing online together in a meeting room at a golf country club. I have been sticking to $10 180s for the Pocket Fives competition and my results are not too good. As a matter of fact, they are pretty bad. I have been losing a lot of money through these things and have grown to hate them. It looks like our team is going to bubble in 3rd place. My only success in a few weeks was taking over for robbie redbi with about 13 left in a 180 and going on to beat mkind0516 heads up. As of January 1st, I am free. I no longer have to play $10 180s 24/7. My plan is to move up the turbo ladder and also try to move up the cash game ladder. I will start at the $16 turbos and at $25 NL for cash games. Once my roll gets to 500 on stars i will jump up to $50 NL then I will adhere to a 20 x max buyin bankroll strategy. I love MTTs so I will also be playing a few MTTs. Cardrunners has been absolutely great. I have started to post/read the MTT stuff on 2+2, but I will continue to be a part of other forums too. I have also been using Poker Office a lot recently and I can already see it helping. PokerStove has also been a very nice tool to use when I am not sure of the equity I am getting in certain situations. I reccommend both PokerStove and PokerOffice/PokerTracker to everybody.

After opening up my presents on Christmas, which were pretty shitty (besides HOH 3) because I never told my parents anything I wanted, we hopped on a plane to the Bahamas. Our destination was Georgetown, the biggest city in the Exumas. It was my parents, my sister, my sisters boyfriend (Jon), and I. We stayed for 4 days. The trip was soooooo much fun. We went sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, exploring, and boating. We also relaxed a little at our hotel, the Palm Bay Beach Club, and got wasted at night (tyty 18 drinking age). It was amazing how expensive everything there was. They seriously charge tourists so much money, but they give locals 50% off the tourists rate. What Broccolee!! Anyways, one day we made the 45 minute drive to the Four Seasons Resort (the only major resort on the island). They have a nice golf course, beautiful beaches, amazing women, tons of restauraunts/other amenities, and The Casino at Emerald Bay. We did not stay long, we basically just walked around to check it out, but we obviously stopped inside the casino. It was empty. There was not a single gambler inside the casino besides us. It was pretty small though, with prob 8 table games and 30 slot machines. The Bahamas are so fucking beautiful and it just pisses me off that I am not going to Nassau from Jan 4- Jan 11.

Also, I have only been to the Hard Rock/Kennel Club like 1 or 2 times over break which is sort of dissapointing. Matt, Juan, Ron, and Alex went last night and it was really fun. Matt, Juan, and I were not playing seriously, just dicking around. We were playing props, straddling, playing hands out blind, capping it preflop, and rivering this big black guy consistently. I won $140. weeeeeeeeeeee. Matt and I hope to play some of the Hard Rock tourneys this upcoming week.

This is getting long. I promise to update more frequently. Maybe 3/4 times a week?

Well, Happy New Year to everyone. Be safe, have fun, play well, and get lucky in 2007.


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