Friday, October 27, 2006


The Past Couple Days...

I havent played a MTT at all in the past couple days. Been focusing on sit and gos and have been running veeeeeeeeeerry bad. Today I decided to play some Full Tilt and this pretty much sums up the past few days...

Blinds 30/60. Stack like 2700. About 21 players left in a $5 45 person sit and go on FTP. I limp with K8 h in CO. 5 people to flop (300 pot). 688 (2 dia). SB checks. BB leads out for 210. UTG + 2 raises to 640. I push my stack in. Button, SB, BB fold. UTG+ 2 "hopes" I have a flush draw and reluctantly calls (I have him covered by 200). He flips 82. Turn blank. River 2.

Whatever, gotta learn to deal with it. I tried to come back but was eliminated in 19th place. Still in a $4 180 with a 3k stack. 110 people left. glglglglgl me

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Ive got a little below 9k in the $3r heading into the first break. Im in for $24.30 (not too happy about that). We'll see how I do.

Yesterday, I went deep in the $1, placing 48th, when my top two ran into a straight. I bubbled the $20 (i was staked in it). I failed in two attempts at the $2 216 people 6 handed sattelites. However, I have taken down two $5 45 person sit and gos over the past two days.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's been a while

Wow, It has been a while. Well, let me just say this: PCA PCA PCA. My bankroll is low but workable, $267.66 over all sites. I am trying to build it up through cash games, sit and goes, and tournaments. My short term goals are to build the BR and to qualify for the PCA. In the long run, I would love to be ranked on the Pocket Fives Leaderboard.

Today I played in a $5 and a $3r and cashed in the $3r but not deep. $11 FTP and $3.30 PS are starting now. GL me.

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