Sunday, December 03, 2006



Today, Matt and I bought cardrunners. It is a poker learning tool where top pros show videos of their play and instruct you why they are doing what they are doing. I think pokerxfactor might be slightly better, but who knows. Cardrunners was much cheaper. It was $50 to sign up and $20 a month after that. I have already watched a few videos. A few Action Jeff Garza videos and a Mkind video which i barely payed attention to. Mkind doesnt seem to really explain why hes doing things and his voice is really annoying.

Other than that, I have been blowing through my roll. But today, I played great poker. I won a $10 180, which will help my team in the $10 180 man challenge, as well as almost double my roll (ya, its that low). Hopefully, I can keep up my great play and keep on building.


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