Monday, November 27, 2006



I did not have the time to play any tournaments tonight but I was up for "tournament poker" so I decided to play some turbos. I played three $25+2 turbo sit and goes and lost all of them. The first one I saw 1 flop through the first two rounds and on my button in the third rotation I had QQ (stack was 1365 and blinds 25/50). I make it 150. SB raises to 250 total. BB pushes AI which has us both covered. I instacall trying to scare off the SB. However, the SB still decides to call with AQ soooted (LOOOL). BB showed 99. 9 on flop gg me. 2nd one i was pretty card dead and made it to the 75/150 level with 1400. I made a big mistake and pushed with A4 in the wrong spot. I deserved to lose this one. I came in like 5th. In the 3rd I was in the same situation as the 2nd but I picked up 99 on the button. I pushed and ran into tens. Down $81 on the night.



that stinks
gl though
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