Monday, November 27, 2006


Tournament Day

Well, I have tons of work to do. However, I would rather play poker. Today, since I am starting early I will be able to play a good amount and good variety of tournaments. I will just list what I played and go into further detail when I deem it necessary.

$5 rebuy (in for $55)-busto in 1500 (ran flush into higher flush)
$20 180 person- busto about 50 min in (trying to make a move)
$11 1 rebuy/1 addon (in for $21)- busto
$20 180 person- out in 27th
$3 rebuy- busto on bubble KK loses to AQ aipf
$25- 11th (once again..only cash of the night)
$5-busto JJ<24 LOL
$9 360 max- busto (forget how)
$10 10 min levels- out 2nd hand when QQ < 99 aipf
$15-busto early
$20 180 person- played poor

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