Saturday, November 25, 2006



Well, I OBVIOUSLY haven't updated for a while once again. I really am trying to update more frequently but its tough. Hopefully, I can stop being a lazy bastard.

On Tuesday I flew up to Bar Harbor, Maine to be with the family (mom, dad, brother, sister n law, nephew, and two family friends) for the T-giving holiday. I'm a little mad that I had to go to the freezing cold and not back to sunny SoFla but its alright (ha, i actually heard it snowed outside of Orlando). Its actually pretty nice up here. I also wanted to go back to the 56Ace so I could see some friends from high school. But, what are you going to do with annoying parents. Thanksiving dinner was great. Especially, after the Miami Dolphins won their fourth straight game! Playoffs?!?!? (eehh..dont think can wish) My nephew is amazing. He is soooooo coool. There really isn't much to do in Bar Harbor. We basically just hang out, relax, and spend some quality time with each other. Today, we played basketball (ok its 6 am and the sun just came into my room and I am just rambling on about random things, so bye)

So, after the cash from my big $10 win I was up to about 2100. I donked it off playing big tourneys (like the $65+? on FTP) and was was down to 1800. Some rough stretch in tourneys brought me back down to 1600ish. I then decided to try my hand at 3/6 Limit Holdem. I was crushing the late night(read: drunk) games on Pokerstars. I built up to between 2100 and 2200. Then, I started to lose many buyins in donkaments and a few hundered when i was tilting at $100 NL (will try not to do it again, although I am a degenerate gambler and I know I will). So, today I was looking at approx $1600 in my roll on stars before the night started. I am trying to make the top 100 TLB for the month so I can get into the 4 seat PCA freeroll, but it looks like I am going to miss it. Trying to accumulate many TLB points I started off playing 3 180 man sng's, 2 DS sattelites to the million (not worth TLB's), and three other tourneys. Overall, I might have cashed in one of those 8, if any. I discovered that playing 8 tables is not very optimal for my game. Although, I was running pretty bad. Nevertheless, I would have done better with fewer tables. I played a few more tourneys here and there. I cashed in the $5 360 man before blowing my stack (forget how). Then, as there were less main tournaments going on I decided to play two $20 180 man sng's. I went deep in both. The first I bubbled in trying to build my stack. The second I won for $1080. weeeeeeeeeeeee! At the first break, my stack was not the best. It was around 2500. At the second break I had like 12-14k and from then on I just kept on building. I tried to play very aggressive at the money and final table bubble and tighten up when the table had more players. One key hand was when it was 3 handed, my AA beat AK to give me a commanding chiplead. I proceeded to lose the chiplead, but then came back to win the tournament. I was very happy with my play, except for a few minor hands where I spewed a few chips. Anways, gg me!

Im really looking forward to winter break. It should be a blast. Being back home the 56Ace crew and other friends from high school. Playing at the palm beack kennel club and the hard rock to prep my game for the PCA (hopefully). Going to the Bahamas twice. Once with the fam (mom, dad, sister, and Jon (sisters bf)) and 5 days later with the crew (Matt, Danny, Harrison?, FCP) for the PCA.

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