Sunday, November 26, 2006


Last Night

Last night I started with around $2515 in my stars cashier. I played multiple tournaments, making one cash. From the tournaments my roll dropped to around $2350. I then proceeded to play 3 $25+2 turbo sng’s and came in 4th, 2nd, and 1st. I also played some 3/6 limit holdem at a six handed table and did not do too well. I lost approximately $80. Overall, it wasn’t a great night. But, I feel I played well outside of the 3/6 game. I think I will drop down a level or two and work on my cash game skillllllzz. I finished the night with $2404 in my roll. Well, I’m about to get on my flight to Philadelphia where I will have a layover filled with cash games and sng’s before my next flight into Indianapolis.

Good luck,


thanks for mentioning my two final tables. but you seem to play well in the $25 turbos. i think you should cool off from the 3/6 limit.
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